An Paenhuysen: The Art of Thinking
Past Event
20.06.2020 An Paenhuysen
The Art of Thinking
Online Workshop

20.06.2020 14:00 — 17:05


In this thinking session we use the tool of writing. Writing makes thinking possible. You do not necessarily have to think first and then write.
You can write in order to think.

A critical thinking practice also doesn’t have to express itself in long, serious and complicated sentences.
In this session, we keep it light and short.

With “finger exercises” in writing we try out some half, rather than fully accomplished, thoughts and play around with “literature’s hand luggage.”

If you make a sketch of scattered, constant and gathered thoughts, it turns out to be the visual proof that scattered thinking looks the most fun and interesting.

And what makes more (non)sense than thinking about art in order to explore the art of thinking?

“I have been thinking.”
“An admirable exercise, my friend.”

  • Agatha Christie, Peril at End House, 1932

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An Paenhuysen is a short format writer of art reviews, blog posts, and picture haikus. She is the director of The House of The Deadly Doris in Berlin, where she organises “Eventualitäten” (short events). In 2019, she curated together with Wolfgang Müller the exhibition “Chromosom XY. Männerkunst-Herrenkunst?” in the art space Barbiche with an accompanying book at Verbrecher Verlag. And recently she founded AAAAA PPPPP Publishing with a series of Lehrmaterial for new teaching and learning, and a series of pamphlets in art writing.