Multi Species Research Group: Shapeshifting for Earthly Survival
Past Event
23.05.2020 Multi Species Research Group
Shapeshifting for Earthly Survival
Online Seminar

23.05.2020 15:00 — 17:00



Saturday 23rd May 3-5pm and Saturday 30th May 3-5pm

In this two-part workshop, we will look at and discuss ideas of shapeshifting within science fiction, mythology, and our own lives as a means to understand the ways in which being slippery, shifty and murky can work as a strategy of resistance and as a tool for reshaping our futures.
We aim to trouble the binaries of nature/culture, fiction/reality and weakness/strength and find ways to blur our edges. We will read, watch and discuss extracts from science fiction novels, video clips and poetry and produce a collectively authored showreel that we will watch together in the second workshop session.

Please choose an image that represents shapeshifting to you and bring it along to the workshop. Do not put too much thought into it- please keep it loose!

All texts and other material for the workshop will be provided on the day.

The title of this workshop is a play on the title of ‘Storytelling for earthly survival’ which is a Documentary about the theorists Donna Harraway and her canine companion Cayenne Pepper.


  • This is a participatory workshop that will take the form of a discussion group.
  • There will be a presentation at the beginning of the workshop that will introduce themes and discussion points.
  • The format is relaxed and you are welcome to join in the discussion as much or as little as you like. No one will be called on or asked to speak.
  • There will be some short writing exercises as part of the workshop. These will be optional and you will not be asked to share these with the group.
  • The event will be held in English

About Multi Species Research Group:
The Multi Species Research Group began out of a desire to think through interspecies entanglement (the meaning of which would constantly shift) with others. We wanted the conversation to be able to take its own course. There are no set texts or reading lists, and we use films, myths, anthropology, academic texts, memes, personal memories and more to aid our discussions.

The Multi Species Research Group also came from a desire for community, specifically a community to share work with and develop ideas across borders of discipline, species and location... Neo-liberallockdown-life-right-now can be so horribly isolating. The power of imposter syndrome, anxiety and insecurity alongside low-wage and uncertain futures isn’t always the best breeding ground for creativity.

The Multi Species Research Group used to meet in a squatted building in London, Clear Spirit, but after eviction moved online. They have so far published Clear Spirit Vol. 1, a collection of contributions from these meetings. They have hosted performance nights, Instagram residencies and are currently holding an online series of meet-ups.

Check out their FB page:
and the Instagram @multispecies for more info.