care mail: care mail part 1
care mail
care mail part 1
In collaboration with Gesa Troch & Saskia Senge

Elena Malzew - Astrid Kajsa Nylander
Laura Franzmann - Jake Buckner
Cristina Rüesch - Wiebke Schwarzhans
Laura Hinrichsmeyer - Marius B. Henderson
Lena Mai Merle - Maite Ortiz
Rosanna Graf - Jasmin Hantl
Fynn Steiner, Fox Steiner & Fiona Hinrichs - Vienna Gist
Tanja Nis-Hansen - Julia Jost
Louisa Boeszoermeny - Nina Zeljković
Inna Vasilieva - Sarah Drath
Rebekka Seubert - Francis Kussatz
Anne Meerpohl - Amy Maga
Aída Rebull - Paul DD Smith
Saskia Ackermann - Moana Vonstadl
Violeta Paez and María Paris - Chinook Schneider
Anne Mayer - Raha Emami Khansari
Maya Hermann - Frieda Toranzo Jaeger
Cecile Nørgaard - Annette Hans
Mona Steinwidder - Nicl Barbro
Shira Lewis - Lauryn Youden

The project Care Mail emerged during the lockdown – a peculiar time of social distancing, online meetings, canceled exhibitions, and limited possibilities of cultural events. Our habits shifted, so did the relation to our own practice. Care Mail came to live as a project to explore the different responses to the notion of care – an invitation to consider care through an exchange with another person, as an attempt to take care as vital in interweaving a web of life, an emphasis on interconnection and interdependency such as caregiving and care receiving. Significant is the aspect to share something physical you could hold in your hands. All Participants received a reusable envelope with a pre-paid postage label to send their what-ever-comes-in-your-mind-contribution to an unknown person.