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Hello From Home
a message from us

This is just a quick nod to the current situation we’re all experiencing in one way or another. Better just name it and get it out of the way: coronavirus.

As with everyone’s plans for the summer, our original program of physical events has been necessarily shifted somewhat.

In response, we offered the contributors the option of postponing to a later (safer) date, or adapting for online.

A complete list of things to look forward to over the next weeks and months can be found under the program post. New dates and further information will be made available as the projects develop.

We always hoped that our website could be used in a similar way to the Finkenau Garden, as a meeting place as well as somewhere for artists and producers representing femme and queer positions. Now that we’re forced into almost entirely virtual interactions, it seems more important than ever. Fortunately, online spaces do exist and we intend to move with this shift in focus and make the most of the advantages it brings.

We are continuing to extend further invites so if there’s anyone or anything you’d like to propose, let us know.

Send us an email to webmaster@hfbk.hamburg.de