Effe Minelli: She’s a Pioneer
Past Event
22.08.2019 Effe Minelli
She’s a Pioneer
Performance in Garden

22.08.2019 18:00


She's a Pioneer a Performance by Effe Minelli with sound by Fee Kürten

The way it looks is not the way things are!
We trust in the possibility of learning, changing, mutating, opening up!
we trust that life on earth will keep growing after we are done!
After we are gone!
But we are falling apart, together
and no one will ever notice
Becoming smaller day after day, lying in symbiosis! so full and yet so ready to loosen up again,
to sink down the river covered by other red stones, heavy and warm.
Continuing flying together in the wind left by the explosion of our memories and wonder
in there we left our wishes:
to feel what you feel
to listen to your voice again
to hear you breathing so close in the night, your song of life
to think and share emotions with you again
to be reborn!
to seek revenge
to embrace our time together, forever!

plastic flowers are blind to your light.

they miss the chance to understand, to stand in front of your truth!
facing the reality of your beauty and giving you the honest respect which you deserve!
This cold light is now shining onto a river of hot stones.
Lying in there, by this warm river, we used to eat rocks.
Now somebody else is eating what is left after our touch. What is left after we disappeared.
Don’t worry! no regrets
as our time together wasn’t fast, it lasted longer than any human life could be.
Unlearning the cure, become sand to catch the first wind gust in our memories.
The sand will forever keep telling her story of what once our life was,
She is a pioneer! the wind will tell, she makes our life possible!
Primary succession, secondary to our failure.
growing and then despairing.
Ultimately, one other true fact is that once you will disappear I will be gone too
but again we made life on earth true.

  • Text by F. Cirillo, She’s a Pioneer, 2018
  • Photos by Maik Gräf