Akinori Tao & Svenja Björg Wassill: Wicked Spirit
Past Event
21.06.2019 Akinori Tao & Svenja Björg Wassill
Wicked Spirit
Exhibition in Garden

21.06.2019 17:00


Finkenau 42


Wicked Spirit an exhibition with Akinori Tao & Svenja Björg Wassill took place on the 21st of June, the longest day of the year.
Wicket spirits of summer solstice - we opened our hearts to the sunlight’s tale.
A garden bench whispers the sounds of Kerberos. And while water moves in a doggy bowl, Fluffy guards the portal to the underworld. Almost forgotten, close to the plants, lies an impossible Banana bending against its natural shape. Somewhere else in the garden footprints of a supersized bird form a circle of infinite rounds.
All kinds of impossibilities, magic creatures, animals and plants are our allies in times of super-reality. Magic is drawing us to fantasise, and the past becomes the future.

  • Works by Akinori Tao "Der Pfad der Hexen", "Banaschlange" and Svenja Björg Wassill "Hafen von Kerberos"
  • Photos by Jaewon Kim, Svenja Björg Wassill